CAR FROM JAPAN current campaigns and promotions

CAR FROM JAPAN provides Japanese used cars with not only best condition and fast shipment but also cheap price. We run many campaigns and promotions in which we give out huge discounts on each transaction. Below is a list of our current campaigns and promotions. Check out and choose the deal that best matches you.

2018 Free Car Giveaway 2018 Campaign

Promotion period: Until December 31st, 2018

Winner announcement date: 30th of every month

There are in total 16 GRAND prizes including 4 Cars. Lucky winners will be chosen by CAR FROM JAPAN every month and disclosed to everyone on 30th of every month. All winners will be contacted personally via email too. The winner announcement will start from January 2018.

How to apply?

1) Click the “Apply Now” button above
2) Give us your details & select your car preference
3) Share this campaign URL on Facebook with a message

Note: After you “Apply”, we will send you an email to verify. Please open the confirmation email and click “Confirm my email” to win prizes.

Free Shipping Promotion:

Promotion period: Until December 31st, 2018

If you order any car with tag “FREE Shipping”, you can request us to ship the car from Japan to your nearest port with no freight charge. This “FREE Shipping” offer is applicable for Ro-Ro shipment, and for Asia and Africa area. If you are from the different area, we will support you a part of your shipping cost. Hurry up! First come first serve!

Check out Free Shipping stocks here:

Free Inspection Promotion:

Promotion period: Until December 31st, 2018

Terms and conditions: If you order any car with tag “FREE Inspection”, you can request for Pre-shipment inspection with no Inspection charge. Ask for a free quote now! Note: Each country government requires a different type of Pre-shipment inspection, you need to tell us specifically which type of Inspection you want.

Check out Free Inspection stocks here:

Buy 2 get 1 FREE CAR:

Promotion period: Until December 31st, 2018

If you buy 2 cars from our website during January 01, 2018 to December 31, 2018 , you can pick up 1 car from our “Buy 2 Get 3” corner, the FOB price of that car will be FREE for you. These 3 cars can the be same models, can be different models, it’s up to you. Start browsing stocks now!

Here is where you can pick a free car:

FOB $1 Promotion:

Promotion period: Once in every 2 weeks. Each time, it lasts for 48 hours.

Terms and conditions: All of the cars in this corner has FOB price of US$1 with no hidden cost. The car conditions are as good as the others. There are only limited items, buy them before they are all sold out!

Check you FOB $1 stocks here:

We accept 50/50 payment Promotion:

Promotion period: Until December 31st, 2018

Terms and conditions: If you wish you can choose 50/50 payment method. The first 50% of the total amount must be paid within 48 hours from the time we issue the invoice. The second 50% must be paid within 48 hours from the time we send Bill of Lading copy of that car to you. If you fail to make payment on time, you will loose the right to own that car. The service charge for 50/50 payment method is $200 per transaction.


Start browsing 40,000 stocks with great condition, best discount and fast shipment here:

Feel free to contact us by emailing to for further information or queries.

Enjoy your shopping!