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zipporah from Kenya message


CAR FROM JAPAN.Am a young Kenyan lady who would like to start a transport company,saving a big amount of money has always been a problem because i come from a humble family which need my support all the time.Winning this care will make my dreams come true and i will be able to buy other cars to enlarge my business.Japanese cars are very common in Kenya, because they are good cars and its is easy to maintain them. spare parts are inexpensive which make Japanese cars best for business.There is good connection between japan and Kenya so shipping the cars is never a big problem have learn all this because am always interested in buying cars from Japan.Please pick me as a winner by doing this you will have helped a young soul achieve her dream..i always think i was born unlucky winning this car will change the way i see myself. Thank you Japan cars for this opportunity.much love fro m Kenya.

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