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Zebedayo Iteba from Tanzania message

Zebedayo Iteba from Tanzania message
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CAR FROM JAPAN is a nice company from japan they got best quality used cars and low price, i like them and i always follow them on there website and other socials medias, every day i have to get in one of there pages because i like to check the stock their having everyday and the prices and wish i could buy 1 car from them but because of the life condition i cant manage. But i don’t give up this is my second year trying to be the winner of this competition trying harder to win the car because i believe when i win a car from japan my life story will change from there, i will be able to stand responsibly and provide to my family. so i really wish that day November 30 to be announced a winner on this competition. thank you so much car from japan, this is all i can say though i couldn’t reach the maximum points but i have strong faith in this competition. thank you.

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