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Yasmin Yusuf from Kenya message

Yasmin Yusuf from Kenya message
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I have always longed to own a car. I took my driving license in 1990 when i dreamt of buying a car.Circumstances didn’t allow me. Being a single parent for 21 years – i have never been able to save for a car – instead pay for school fees, rent, bills, groceries with no income support from anywhere. Grant me my wish before i am too old to drive. I am 46 years old. I have 3 teenage children now – still struggling to get them through college – i lost my job in 2015 plus my health didnt stand up with me – i am suffering from hypothyroidism and chances to get a full time job is next to impossible – i have applied almost every website and i finally decided to join a MLM company called Jeunesse Global – where my heart feels relaxed and i hope to reach a Diamond Director. I would recommend anyone to buy from Car from Japan Co. Ltd.and i would also like to

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