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Yamama Khan from Pakistan message

Yamama Khan from Pakistan message
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I always see some CAR FROM JAPAN cars on roads in my country. And when ever I see some good cars they all are from Japan. I’m IT professional and house wife too. Japanese cars are always my dream cars I pray to Almighty ALLAH that my dream comes true if I win this competition and get my dream car. Japanese used cars are also in best condition. All I wish to you and your company lots of prayers and success and wishing to see Japanese cars at the top of this world. Ameen. I’m big fan of Audie in Red. I hope to win and if I win I’ll show the world that Japanese really deliver what thay promise through social media or any other medium I have a chance. It’s always my dream to have a big car with automatic features but due to financial issues me and my husband can’t buy such car. I belong to medium class and working hard to raise our 2 sons. As a mother of 11 year old and 5 year old boys,they keep looking towards other cars on roads and asking me mommy why can’t we get big cars like these. And I always answer them one day our God will give us a brand new car with all luxurious features. By looking at this competition my heart give me little hope of letting my boys enjoy the big car feeling which will be ours own. I hope you can understand my feelings and make me winner. Best Regards Yamama Khan.

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