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Wuletaw Churfo from Namibia message

Wuletaw Churfo from Namibia message
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i’m always impressed by Japanese in the ways they live, in the way they influence the world, in the business, their technology in housing and the cars (strong, new model and kind of what i like). i am dreaming not only to get the car but also like to visit the big companies of Japanese.

Main the cars are so marvelous strong, smart and updated technologies. let me start from strong i mean imagine in some of rural Africa roads, smart with all computerized information and updated to the recent technology level. And also the shapes of the body and the mechanical part improvement via the models always impresses me. in summary i like the SUV cars of Japanese because of the above reasons, if possible in like to involve in the marking as well?

Small in number but big in influence the world!



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