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Winnie Munuo from Tanzania message

Winnie Munuo from Tanzania message
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• My name is Winnie Munuo from Tanzania, I have 24 years old, the big reason why you pick me as your winner its because I try my best to join in competition so as to win free CAR FROM JAPAN and be the one who used Japanese car.
• Also am the one who looking for good car from Japan so please am asking to check my application and give me the priority to be the winner and Japanese used car from Tanzania.
• I think this competition Free car from Japanese is for all country and all people are able to win free car from Japan.
• Also I think this compilation is planned to change life of different people surrounding all over the world because this competition is free anybody can join and give it’s own chance to win free car from Japan.
• I like this competition and that’s why I am the one who join I think this competition is true I trust in you and I hope I am the one of your winner.

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