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winnie c Ruto from Kenya message

winnie c Ruto from Kenya message
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Dear Sir/Madam
My name is Winnie and I am very pleased to say thank you for the competition. It’s given me hope that I might drive my own car soon, something I have been longing for. I just learnt how to drive and got my license just the other day. I have been visiting this website due to recommendation from friends who have purchased their cars from car from Japan. I have my wishlist, I am still on probation at work and the distance from my place to work always make me visit this website, pick a car, wish list it and pray I get my money right soon to purchase one but then, I came across the car give away and I can’t thank God and all of car from Japan sponsors and the entire company for this. I pray I become the winner of one of two cars. Regards.

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