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Wilson Nyariwo from Kenya message

Wilson Nyariwo from Kenya message
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I am very impressed to be in the competition and I do hope for the best. I take this chance to thank Japan for the cutting edge technology that has kept them at the helm of the Kenya motor industry. They famously say here in Kenya that “the car in front will always be a Toyota”. It is even more satisfying that I am registering for this when the Japanese Prime Minister is expected in Kenya to grace the Africa – Japan conference where trade and bilateral talks will be the centre stage. This will be a further proof that Africa and Japan can only expect more growth and success in the future. Japan through JICA programme has done a great deal in several sectors in this counrey and I have been a beneficiary of their training on forestry issues at Muguga around Kiambu. Should I be lucky to win the car, then this will only add a feather to my cap with organizers and sponsors of this competition to thank.

The competition also allow the Japanese, companies, sponsors of this draw and Japanese communities at large to touch base with their customers where only luck will play role without the money and profit being the driving force. This brings out the fact that human relations is not only about monies and profits but there is more to it, of which winners of this competition will represent.

Different communities and regions are endowed with different resouces and capabalities, depending on how each region utilizes and expoints its resources, for their own good be in economic, social and environmental fronts, this will bring the expected specializations and niche which ultimately leeads to exchange of goods and services. On this Japan hass been a shining light on how human development can also lead to social, cultural, economic, environmental and all other channels for human interactios and learning.

Technology is an integral part of economic growth and by virtue that this process is taking place online is a proof that interaction barriers have been beed done away with so long as we do not use this for criminal or illegal activity. This opens the whole world for everybody so long as you can access internet. The web is the new market place and on this likewise, Japan has proven to be the leader in the pack. It is possible to do all the negotiations, transactions, aprrovals, clearances and transport logistics online. The winners of this process will further prove to the world that these processes can be done and successfully be concluded online.

We all share this world and we should ideally leave it a better place than when we found it. This we should do by positively influencing one another through different, resources, talents and potentials that we have.

It is good that through this offer, the oneness of human kind beyond money will be proven as we share and celebrate the success and generosity of the Japanese people through their companies.

Let us share the love for one another, love for our planet earth, since we all share it for our own properity and that of future generations.

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