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WILFRED GIKONYO WAITHAKA from Kiribati message

WILFRED GIKONYO WAITHAKA from Kiribati message
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Thank you for this great opportunity you have allowed me to express my unbound love for all types of car that come from Japan. First of all is to appreciate the power that these cars have and knowing Kenya as a hilly country Japan cars fits best. I remember five years ago when I was in my upper primary out school van used to break down several times not until our parents as a school decided enough is enough and the decided to buy us an Isuzu bus. I could not wait for the mornings and evening to enjoy the smooth move of our new ride that brought the new spirit in me I simply used to wake up early not to get late. its those small things that made me pass my exams thanks to Isuzu it was simply a comfortable and enjoyable bus we all were proud of it. When I joined High School again I meet an Isuzu bus which used to take us to trips and contests it was simply the best with its energetic and high performing engine though old it performed way beyond our expectations. My uncle last year wanted to buy a private car, he requested me to research what car was best for him. There was nothing to research about I knew that cars from Japan are the best. out of my past experience I recommend him to buy a Subaru Forester which he is currently enjoying. Also my friends in college-jkuat main cumpus,are dying to drive a Japanese car its simply the best. My desire is to buy myself a Toyota prado after graduation. I highly like Japan made car because:
1 Their fuel consumption is low.
2They are durable.
3Their high performance.
4They are made for Africa-They have powerful engines to go uphill.
My prayer is even to drive at college if the car is from Japan simply because I can afford the maintenance and fuel cost. Long live Japan made cars.
I kind request for your favour and choose me as a winner.

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