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wilbert orina from Kenya message

wilbert orina from Kenya message
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I wish you pick me as the winner of car from Japan for the following reasons. One,I have always participated in this competition from last year,meaning that even if I didn’t Win,I haven’t lost hope.I always keep trying up to the last minute. Moreso if I am picked as the winner of car from japan,I will act as a good ambassador in Kenya for Japanese cars.I will advertise to my friends and tell them about the goodness of Japanese cars.Since i stay in the rural areas of kenya,if i am declared as the winner of a car from ,i will show it to my friends and even give them a free lift to enjoy so that they can also testify to others that a car from Japan is really and anybody can win it.This will make me a salesman of Japanese cars in Kenya.How I wish you pick me as a winner of car from japan.I will Be very very happy and announce it in my local radio and television stations.I wish you also pick me as the winner of car from japan because I come from one of the minority tribes in Kenya,which is kisii. The kisii’s are a minority group in Kenya but they are very hard working.So if I win this car from japan ,I will encourage them that minority does not matter for one to be recognized. This will make them to work hard especially in participation of raffles. It will also make them change the attitude that minority groups are despised in society.Moreso if am picked as a winner of car from japan,I will be a testimony to the world that Japanese people are trustworthy in whatever they promise.This will discourage people especially in Kenya who are always belief in corruption . I will inform them that Japanese people are not corrupt;but straight forward people. A car from Japan is second to none in terms of the quality. Essentially cars made in Japan are durable and hence can operate everywhere in the world.Mostly Japanese vehicles are durable and fuel consumption friendly.An example of a Japanese car which excels in most world markets is Toyota.In Kenya where I stay,the Toyota’s are the most liked because of their ease cost of mantainance, less fuel consumption, durability and cheap availability of spare parts.Moreso one can speed at whatever speed he or she likes,that is high or low speed.All these reasons makes me to like cars from Japan. The Japanese people also manufacture a variety of vehicles which makes the buyer to choose his or her best make.Most of these vehicles are available both the automatic and manual ones.What makes attractive to the Japanese vehicles mostly are the automatic vehicles which can be driven with a lot of ease.The reason why I admire the automatic japanese vehicles is that even a lame person can easily operate one.Moreso when operating an automatic vehicle one does not strain so much because everything is automatic. This makes Japanese vehicles second to none in the world market.The Japanese vehicles are also the leading in terms of speed and efficiency when you compare them with other vehicles from England or else where.The speed of a Japanese vehicle is high compared to other manufacturer’s from the world.Efficiency of a vehicle is measured in terms of speed and durability, which all japanese vehicles have.This makes me to admire Japanese vehicles whether New or used.The modern Japanese vehicles have a dashboard which acts as a manual to the user.On the dashboard there I is a clear gauge which indicates whenever the engine has a problem. This enables the driver to detect a problem well in advance before the engine is spoilt. On the dashboard again, a driver can detect any mistake pertaining to the seatbelt, the locks before starting any journey. All these reasons makes the Japanese vehicles to compete favourably worldwide. Another reason which makes me to admire cars from Japan is their easy availability in the internet. A buyer of a Japanese car can easily access it via the internet. On the internet he or she can access the make,price and even shipment to the destination. This makes it easier for a person to purchase the car online,hence avoiding other extra costs.This idea of purchasing cars online from japan is a plus to the Japanese people.A car from Japan suits most regions in Africa where most roads are not tarmarked. In Kenya for example ,most rural roads are not tarmarked. It becomes worse during the rainy season. Vehicles like Toyota’s endures these rough roads ,hence making them to be used by most people in rural regions of kenya.Therefore Japanese Vehicles are exemplary when it comes to usage.That is why i feel that if you selecte me as a winner of a car from japan, I will surely market the Japanese vehicles in Kenya without fear or intimidation.Furthermore Japanese cars come in different colours. These makes then attractive to the market. Even if one of the vehicles is discoloured due to an accident or anything, it can easily be repainted.In terms of prize,the Japanese Vehicles are also affordable in the world market.These affordability makes even low income earners to purchase japanese vehicles.Actually Japanese people are charitable enough ,because whever they manufacture vehicles they consider all classes of people in society. Therefore I thank the organizers of this competition because they are considerate every year .Bravo japanese.

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