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wilbert orina from Kenya message

wilbert orina from Kenya message
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I live in kenya and I own a second handToyota premio from japan.Since I reside in the remote areas of Kenya,I have used my vehicle and it is doing me well,especially during the rain season.I will be happy one day if you declare me a winner of car from japan.I have done all my best to inform my friends about this competition via Facebook where most of them are.I am happy that last year I tried but I didn’t win.I will continue trying because I believe that lucky is always on the way.Car from japan really impresses me.When it comes to market, car from japan is second to none in kenya.I really admire japanese used cars because of their cheapness in maintainence costs.Furthermore their fuel consumption is economical.Japanese Cars are easy and cheap to maintain. Incase of a problem from the engine, it is easily shown on the dashboard. Furthermore the gauge can easily show that the car has a defect,whereby one can easily contact a mechanic. I like a car from Japan because it is easily maintained and regular servicing is easy and economical. A used Japanese Car if well maintained can last for years.I an currently using a Japanese used car which was manufactured in the year 1999 ,but still it in good condition. I wish you select me as winner of the Japanese used vehicles because I have a vast experience in maintaining them.If I win a car from Japan I will act as an ambassador of the Japanese Cars in kenya.I will always drive it and show it to my friends whenever I will go.Furthermore I will market the Japanese Car in my village. The Japanese people are very apt in their products. Their cars are everywhere in the world because whenever they develop mechanical problems,they are easily maintained and the tools are easily available in the market.I really admire a car from japan.The Japanese people manufacture different makes of vehicles, so whenever a person wants to purchase any make , he or she has a variety to choose from.Anyone can purchase a car from Japan because it is available online and can be shipped to any destination where a person is staying.Actually that is why i like a car from Japan. If i want i can purchase it online,pay then it is shipped to my country. That is a great advantage nowadays because we are living in dot com.era of business.As I peruse online always I get a manual on maintainence of Japanese used and new vehicles. These manuals help me a great deal on car maintainence. In the manuals various parts of the vehicles are exposed to the viewer and explanation is given there.These kind of explanations makes me to like a car from Japan.Instead of going to search in the library about the mechanics of a vehicle I simply open my phone and I get the knowledge there.This kind of showcase makes me to admire a car from Japan.How I wish i would be chosen as a winner of car from japan. Furthermore if I am chosen as a winner of car from japan, I can easily convince my friends to participate in this competition since most of them say that this competition is not genuine. If they see me win the car from Japan, they can believe and trust that the competition of a car from Japan is not a hoax, hence next time they will participate.I also want to become an ambassador of japan if i win a car from.when i look at most showrooms in Kenya, they are full of Japanese cars,something which really impresses me.Even if one buys a japanese used car in good condition he or she can use if for a long time if well mantained and serviced well.I really like a car from Japan.

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