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waruna from Sri Lanka message

waruna from Sri Lanka message
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Hello, Firstly I’ll be thankful to you about starting an open free competition of Car Giveaway Summer 2016 because it is easy to participate and it is a chance to achieve our dream vehicle easily.It’s like our country it’s an only chance to get my dream car because our car tax is very high if i win i will only pay import taxes and other few charges. My dream vehicle is wagon r stingray is due to the economical vehicle environmental friendly vehicle. Also it’s import tax rate is lower than the other cars. According to our country brand new vehicles is very higher price due to the import tax so that Japanese used cars are the most popular vehicles in our country due to the better quality and durability. Some of Japanese used cars used exceeding 30 years in our country. Other thing of Japanese used cars very popular is their lower maintenance cost. Their parts can find easily and very cheap. I heard CAR FROM JAPAN company limited at the last year from a friend at that time this company also started a competition like this. I referred CAR FROM JAPAN site an understand it is very easy to search vehicles and ordering. Also at that time i heard the winners of the competition also i can saw many Srilankans participated at that competition. Also i hoped this time participants of our citizens is much higher than the before time about this competition.Also I wish many more candidates can win this competition in our country and CAR FROM JAPAN selling is very successful in the future.

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