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Walter william kisunte from Tanzania message

Walter william kisunte from Tanzania message
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Hi. My name is walter kisunte. I am from tanzania, which is in east africa. This competition is good which allows people to get a chance to win and own a car from japan, its a good thing. My people here in tanzania are happy and excited about this competition and they are willing to compete and try their lucky. As we all know that Japan cars are the most used car all over the word. Forexample here in tanzania, the Government use toyota cars for their daily work basis which are toyota landcruiser v8 which are good. But apart from that Japan cars are prefered more than any cars because of the price which is cheaper compared to other cars but also have different varieties of cars which people can afford, forexample there is mark x, landcruiser v8, passo these are different varieties of car which different people can afford according to their income. This competition may also give a chance for a people who dont know cars from Japan company to it better which can facilitate the business to be taking place in any where in the world but also can allow people to get varieties of cars they want.
In this competion i think i must be the winner because of different reasons:-

  • My first reason is i used to educate people about car from japan company, how they operate and how good they are. People here dont know cars from japan so i used to tell them to give a try and order a car to you.

  • Another reason is i helped people on how to apply to the competition and to tell them that this is real and not a lie, many people may ignore because they think its a group of scammer. So i told and educate them because this is not my first time.

Car from japan i think they are good and i know it through my brother and he told me a lot about you guys. He said about your customer care, delivery which is different from other company. Many company may slow in delivery and lack some ethics of customer care which is bad to a business. And he told me your the one among those company who give cars as a giveaway and he is the one who encourage to paticipate.Thanx and i hope i will win.

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