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Vinod Gupta from Fiji message

Vinod Gupta from Fiji message
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The cars are made for comfort but essentially it is for transport from point A to point B in a swift and seas mode to reach destinations in time.
My first car was Toyota KE 20, registered AP 973, which I bought in 1983 in the town of Labasa, Fiji.
I kept that car for three years satisfactorily with any major problems part from normal maintenance needed for any car. This was a very durable and strong car which would not stop even if the roads are not good it will go where u want to of course you have to be an excellent driver to manoeuvre your vehicle. Even in bad weather, mucky roads, flooded bridges I have managed to drive safely.
This is prelude to cars from Japan which have really improved our way of life. To live a happy and prosperous life Japan cars have enhanced our way living …

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