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vincent munyaka from Kenya message

vincent munyaka from Kenya message
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i have been following your website and i have always noted that your cars are not expensive as compared to the selling price in my country Kenya,i have also noted that you answer all question that us potential customers ask.i want to commend your marketing team for making such an interactive website which is well understood by even semi-illiterate people here back in my country.i would be very grateful to your4 company if i won the car as the gift would help me in movements as i attend my classes since i reside far from my college,secondly if i win this car i would become more proactive in becoming your ambassador back here in Kenya where japan products are highly valued as compared to other countries manufacturing cars in the world.i being just 27 years of age i will my loyalty to buying my future cars from this company since this would act as my first car.i once again want to thank your team for making and answering queries on a timely span by such a strong customer care skills i can foresee this company being the biggest giant company in this business of sale of vehicles.i want to look forward to seeing myself being the winner of this car since it will uplifting my living standard and also will enhance me to taking my career to another level since i want to be the youngest doctor in my village so that i may help others who may want to pursue their greatness but are limited my financial constraints like i have been constrained,currently i am pursuing my masters of science in finance and accounting a course which i expect to complete by the end of year 2017.i believe that car from japan has genuine products which are in perfect condition also you have made the process easy to every person who may want to import car as your dealers act as good agent of this company.i am proud how you have embraced e-marketing skills which has enabled you to reach out to the whole globe at this era its of great importance for every company to em-blaze technology both in production and also in marketing.once again i thank you as i am confident that by the end of the survey i will be the most successful and i will have my car delivered since i believe that car fro japan keeps each and every promise they make to its clients which has helped you to scale the adder of greatness.

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