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Vincent Kizza from Uganda message

Vincent Kizza from Uganda message
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As a representative of the sponsors of CAR FROM JAPAN,I will propose to management to consider using “big data” technology to understand customer behavior before and after purchase so that we are able to create a royal customer base that can come back again and again. I will also work day and night to create opportunities for Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) with a view of increasing the customer base and ‘lock-in’ our customers as well as potential customers.,,I am a science and design high school teacher in my country,Uganda . If I am given the opportunity of this top prize,I will use my extensive teacher networks to bring on board,the largest collection of public employees,namely, the teachers to the fold of “Car from Japan’ so that most of them become your customers,this will in turn produce a very big multiplier effect because ,firstly,teachers get a consistent salary and hence they are capable of affording the cost of cars from Japan. Secondly,teachers approach many other potential customers in their day to day work and can support your great brand by word of mouth,which is very cost effective…I will be able to do this because, over the years in my work,I have worked as a teacher professional developer,so most teachers know , trust and respect me. i will seek to partner with other organizations such as media houses to create awareness of the ‘Car from Japan” brand. I will write articles in newspapers,I will engage in Radio and TV talk shows for the same. Already,I am a columnist with one of the leading dailies,”The New Vision” . I have also been a sales executive with CBS radio,the radio with the largest listener-ship in Uganda..I am also a blogger and one of my blogs can be seen here( I will leverage this position with media to persuade them to partner with me in all endeavors to promote the brand..Even now,in my student lessons in the “design and technology” subject that I teach, ,for many years now, I always refer to Japanese cars as an illustration of innovative product designs that provide great customer value.This is very important because,this way,I am able to models the thinking of these young people and when they understand the message well,they also become customers as adults which ensures market continuity for “Car from Japan” for many more years to come…I am now 50 and have never owned a car! Driving one still remains my most sought after dream. I therefore see this as a great opportunity for my fortunes to turn the right way up. In my country,Uganda,over 90% drive cars from Japan. This therefore means without cars from Japan,Uganda would probably have fewer cars than any other country in the world. Japanese used cars are not only cute and fuel economical but also suitable for our roads in addition to the exceptional comfort they offer of course not to mention the comparable affordability leading to exceptional customer value.. Furthermore,spare parts for these cars are easily obtainable anywhere in Uganda. I have a friend who recently had to pay through the nose to have the front screen of his German car that had been smashed ,repaired. On the other hand,I believe if he had a used car from Japan,the cost would have been less than a quarter. of what he spent.
I have always wondered why anyone in his or her right mind would instead buy a car from elsewhere and miss all these advantages used cars from Japan offer,then I remembered,the “rational choice theory of man”. A friend who visited USA early this year told me that more than half of the cars on American roads are actually cars from Japan. Although I have no proof of that,at least it points to a very key fact. If Americans,who make their own cars,drive cars from Japan,how much more should we seek cars from Japan. Lastly,If this opportunity came my way, I would be the greatest advocate for cars from Japan. I would use my advocacy skills to lobby parliament to do away with their intentions (published recently in the news) of banning import of used cars (and this would include Japanese used cars). which they wrongfully claim are avenues for alternative cheap damping..
I will suggest schemes which will enable the company hang on to current customers and get repeat business tailored to customer needs through the process of up selling and adapting a customer-eccentric approach. Up selling is the practice of offering clients products or services related to their original purchase such as a tiered level of services where you can more easily upsell a client to a pricier package. I will endeavor to stay in touch with every client so they are reminded that we’re around and offer a wide array of services that can further meet their needs. Doing so can actually make upselling much easier because your clients get a periodic no-pressure reminder that you’re available. A well-timed email, phone call, or handwritten note may be all I will need to get former clients coming again for more business.
In order to get far ahead of our competitors, I will suggest that our company partners with others (Such as recyclers) so that we provide a service that enables the capture of residual value from the cars sold when they finally reach their end of life. This will not only enable the provision of greater customer value but also endear us to policy makers who tend to see every business of used products in negative light.
I will further suggest that the company adapts the ‘product as a service” business model where clients can hire our cars and pay from miles driven. I perceive this as an approach that, although it needs a completely new mind set can greatly revolutionize profit margins.

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