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victor mutemi from Kenya message

victor mutemi from Kenya message
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hello CARS FROM JAPAN 🇯🇵 😁…. I am victor mutemi…18 years old from Nairobi, Kenya…
I just want to start by saying of how big, i am a fan of Japanese 🚗 automobiles :).. grew up to seeing alot of Toyotas, mitsubishi’s, nissans…. and i’ve gotten to appreciate there engenuity and progress over the years..its amazing how far they have come..
so its pretty amazing for CARS FROM JAPAN to hold this contest and give back to the people…
i happened to find this contents as i was googling Japanese used cars because i am in dire need of getting a nice small car 🚗. Honestly, i cant afford to buy my own car right now and my parents also cannot because we are not that financially well off.. but i really need one for going to university. im currently doing a bachelors degree in medicine and surgery and my school schedule is soo insane. Having a car will really help with the stress of public transportation and the hectic day to day traffic.
I would really appreciate it if CARS FROM JAPAN/JAPANESE USED CARS would consider my application to win a free car. it is such a big deal to me and i wouldn’t take for granted of such an amazing opportunity.
Thanks alot for the chance ☺️.

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