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victor louw from Namibia message

victor louw from Namibia message
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hello…im victor louw from namibia. i really will love to win a car from this competition, cause i need a car of my own to travel to work with. taxis a getting expensive really this days in namibia…

Cars from Japan are really good for me, I was having a car from Japan cause its very economical and it uses less fuel, its nice and smooth to drive… its also a fashion cars… I’m happy that they have start selling Japan cars in our country Namibia cause of importing cars will cost us more… for us that dont earn enough money. Japan is having stronger cars like land cruser and many more. I just love Japan cars really. thetr is nice diftent coloars to choose off . the y have fast cars for the road and the more stronger cars especially the land chruiser for tafer areas lie using at the coast and farm roads. the parts of the Japan cars is olso available in most contrys amd are afforable
they also are very electronical and eath having electrical electfical window at the back to warm and two electical mirrors to move for confartable sigt by omly toutching a bution in the car to move i. even when u drive as wel as a remote and interlocls that closes all four doors at once fot a good securuty sistem in all Japan cars

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