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victor louw from Namibia message

victor louw from Namibia message
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i was drywing a car from Japan for 8 years due to mecanical problems it can be fixs and im out of a car now and need one again of Japan. its very good cars on the road
very econimica like usuing of petrol. parts. service etx- real nice to dtive one very smooth and pleasure to drive. also muth fashion goodlooking cars of japan and many nice tipes to choose of.f. nice stearing to handle love the electric windows . the centrol locking to lock all doors ar once if u drive
the electroc mirrots to move for good sight by using a easy buton in the car to mome it
the electric warm wimdow at the back to get dust and fock out and many more . Japan cars are strong. hardworking and u can telly on it specially the land cruser etx for ofroud and farm conditions

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