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Umukoro Matthew from Nigeria message

Umukoro Matthew from Nigeria message
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The only reason i can be pick as the winner is only when i am qualify by doing what is espected of me in oder to increase in my point to the highest point because i can see that it is a platform were you must cary out some task failure to do so you will remain where you are. But i will like i should be picked because am going to do all it takes to be a winner by doing the neccessory requiements. For example, invisting my friends with my link through facebook, tweeter, g+, yahoomail etc. So i believe my effort is going to take me to the top and at the end i will emerge the winner.
Concerning how i think about CAR FROM JAPAN, to me i have not seen a thing like this before were you will just apply in a game of luck that involve car. Wether the car will be given or not, life is all about ” try your luck” and i also believe that the organizer of this programme are people of hornesty and sincerity on the other hand we are not paying or buying anything so if it is a risk its worth taking provided you have nothing to loose at the end. But i know the cars will be given and this can also make some of our young people to be praoctive in their mind set, change an odinary person to a car owner if the emerg a winner and also change someone furtune. For these reason, i thank the organizer of CAR FROM JAPAN to keep it up not to relent in puting smile on people most especially those that participate and will still participate in this contest. Thanks.

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