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Umbya from Tanzania message

Umbya from Tanzania message
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Hi there , I am Umbya Fau from Tanzania , luckily I just happened to get to know about this competition , I am very happy to be amongst the group of people who are competing in this offer . I call it an offer because it is like someone giving you a gift , as we all know that we always get gifts free of charge , without having to work for them , 😀 😊 .
You know why many people ignore this chance ?
Let me tell you ; it is because people think this is some kind of lies they think you just want to make fun of their precious time ! This happens just because they ask themselves that how can someone who does not even know you just to give you a free car and most interesting part and wonderfully that someone gives you free cash , wow ! How can that happen !
This is what many people think .
To be honest I too was thinking the same way but I just got someone who tried to explain the whole idea , so I am fully glad and believing that I’ll be one of the winners . Thanks ! 🙂

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