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Tupou Sili from Tonga message

Tupou Sili from Tonga message
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A life remembering moment is when an unexpected but wonderful event arrives especially if it’s a thing you cannot afford to buy given to you by someone you haven’t met or knew in your whole life.
The thing that you are doing is one of those moments. Even though winners haven’t been decided yet but the event itself brings hope to people like me. It is truly a Christmas gift you kies truly are Santas you bring the spirit of Christmas alive.
Well as a father to five young children owning a Minnicar it will beat dream come true if I will chosen to be one of your like winners.
Even though that’s the wish but all need the luck too so thank you for such opportunity to own a new ride that my family will be able to fit in. Keep up the good work. Much love from myself and family all the way from Tonga.

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