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Trudie Skink from Zimbabwe message

Trudie Skink from Zimbabwe message
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Hi my name is Trudie am so happy to be in this for cars from Japan because so many people in Zimbabwe that have imported cars I always say one day I will get one for myself and here is my chance today to get one free from Japanese used car free that is so exciting for me winning a car is a going to be a life changing because am about to retire having a a car at that age its such a helping hand because the many ways that this car can make my life very easy going about my business shopping going to doctor with easy and also cuts the time of traveling to be so short and so much enjoyable going visiting friends. And family will be a pleasure at this old she this is so exciting just thinking about makes me believe its done already this is an good its a dream come for me if winning is so easy tomorrow I be a happy someone getting that email telling me about the good news of getting a car from Japan without paying or buying anything getting it shipped all that way with my name on it Trudie skink special delivery wow that be the day the haverns opening on earth for me .This it writing all this pouring my heart out for a good cause this is it it like a prayer for me having to say all these words to your this is to show the level of excitement that is in me in the thought of getting a car from Japan getting it shipped to the nearest port for me to collect that prize .Japanese used car a so many many in Zimbabwe. People a finding them durable with very little maintain dance so it will do very well for me been on pension this is a gift made in haven for me with the legs getting heavy and slow this car will help me so much and its already making make me feel great like a child my they get their toy they always wanted so please don’t disappoint me because this is true for me in my heart so let’s see your promise to this .Getting a car fromJapan being a Japanese car at a free prize of less than two thousand dollars is such a happy feeling already for me even if its less then a thousand I don’t think that will matter for me .I don’t know much if I chose the right car you should have put picture to me it easy for one to chose but who know that which I have picked it could be just what you have for me I like small cars that a lite on fuel but be used local and long trips with enjoyable journey .I feel so happy already like its here already writing this to you such a long message its been great funny please don’t laugh but feel the excitement in me be happy with me make sure am in for the winning prize pick me out of all the entry’s that you get

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