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trudian wade-copeland from Jamaica message

trudian wade-copeland from Jamaica message
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I am from the small island called Jamaica where the worlds fastest man was born ,where stars are made and your best can be recorded in history. even though we are ambitious and talented, not everyone gets the chance to shine or show case there true potential because it all takes financing and not everyone can afford it, take for example: having a personal car is an great asset and helps with the cost of taking public transportation(which with my budget can be very costly),however i can not afford to buy one, for a car in good condition will cost me at least million dollars and seeing that i am the bread winner of my family( my husband stays home with the kids) that would have been a failed dream for me until i saw car from japan ad (even tho i know that i have no money to purchase a car) i decided to browse. To my surprise i didn't know that Japanese used car could look so appealing,and mind you and very fuel efficient i was marveled at the prices that i saw and realized if i had the resources i would buy and sell Japanese used cars and let people know that they dont have to ” rob a bank” to travel in style and comfort. I know you should pick me because with a car from japan, i would advertise and boost sale buy telling and showing others how they can afford the car of there dreams just by the click of a button. I think car from japan is a great way to start a business i am just sorry i did not get to know about it sooner, but it is better late than never, i have googled and search for cars at the best prices and car from japan is the best i have come across so far and i hope we can come together one day and do some serious business. we need company like these in Jamaica, for the ones who have a family to take care of and doing two jobs to make ends meet ,i see too many people breaking their backs at minimum wage for years and still can not afford a shelter over there heads, and when they get old still being cramped up in public transport without being respected by the younger generation. I just hope that with these few words i can make a difference somehow, keep up the good work car from japan and thanks for giving us (the small people) options.

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