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Trevor Huruko Ng'endo from Kenya message

Trevor Huruko Ng'endo from Kenya message
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Omedeto gozaimasu CAR FROM JAPAN 👏👏👏👏… You are really a great company. I love your cars because they are manageable and economical they are also durable and I would really love to own my own… How I pray I win.. Lan Phan I wish you choose me as the winner.. Arigatougozaimasu👍👍👍👍
I think I should be picked as the winner because this has always been my dream and I also know Japanese since I have learned it for three years… I see that I will be able to understand the car manuals and the logbooks that are written in Japanese and be able to translate them to English and probably become an ambassador.
CAR FROM JAPAN is the best since here in Kenya it has stocked all the car markets with its new and durable brands of all types of cars and also with the best prices compared to the other manufacturing companies….
With all these I hope am fit and appropriate to be picked as the winner in these competition.. I kindly request to be considered as a winner in the Car Giveaway Summer 2016 by CAR FROM JAPAN. Thank you….

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