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Tojune Kenzley Sailas from Papua New Guinea message

This is a good promotion of your products to the world market. Japan is the leading manufacturer of any kind of vehicle. My country (PNG) imports all its vehicles from Japan because Japan manufacture the quality vehicles. My country have a good trade relationship with Japan. Japan have contributed a lot in developing my country in terms of financial assistance and educational scholarship. Therefore I would like to appreciate Japan for the assistance to my country.
I have all my life wish to own a car. As I have said, Japan manufacture the quality vehicles in the world. It’s my life time wish to have a quality vehicle from Japan. Also because my country imports all its vehicles from Japan, it’s more rewarding that I win a car from Japan. Thank you to the management of Car From Japan. Japan. I am certainly sure I will win a car. If I win a car and drive around in my country, indirectly I am promoting your product in my country. So allow me to win a car in return more people from my country will buy your cars.

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