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Timothy Murphy from USA message

Timothy Murphy from USA message
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Your going to pick me. Why you ask? Great question let me tell you…. You have chosen me to receive an awesome 4 door skyline because you know I’m not just your normal car lover. I’m a certified car maniac! That’s going to drive the wheels off this car! Drifting every turn and smoken these annoying v8 inbread, hairy chested, meat huggers like their standing on the corner waiting for mommy to pick them up. Its not just enough to thank you with words, but I’ll fly over on the back of the great American bald eagle and share with you the secrets of life. After I get the car back home. I’ll be showing this car across the great ole U.S. of A! bragging to the thousands of people I meet every year during the Formula Drift series and the million and half car shows I go to. That’s right….. Im a freak of nature. Throwing down insane qualifing runs drifting in my old school E30 beast to show them haters that this middle age mountain of a man has tons of fight left in him. I’ll represent “carfromjapan” like I’m Arnold Schwarzenegger jumping out of a choppa holding 3 super models in one arm and a cold beer in the other. I burn tires I’m my sleep. I’m a drift crazed, hard driving, Johnny Rambo, superman that just won’t quit! Yea I’m 41 years young dreaming of a day I can visit the great nation of Japan and shake the hand of every citizen. Choosing me is an investment that you won’t regret. So end the competition and call me up. Oh and did I mention…….. I’m the best choice.

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