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Tiffany carter from USA message

Tiffany carter from USA message
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My mom and I share one car we own 2 one is new and is my moms the other is broken a antique and is a lemon my mother constantly wories about the miles on our one good car wich is troblesome because alot of my freinds end up needing help i feel like im always saveing for my own car but never am close enough id love a car because even though it means that im like a taxi i dont want to abandon anyone id like the oportunity to be able to drive without worrying how many miles im driveing to have something thats mine i feel i should win this car not just for me but for my freinds and family cause thats what a car should be no worries and the ability to drive where you want when you want without reprecutions like miles on the car or sinking everything you have into a car that just dosent want or have the abilty to run id like to be considered for the winner cause this oportunity will keep my family going itll stop pointless arguments itll be just what we need to keep liveing and thats why i want to win this car doesnt matter where it comes from because a car is the fondation for freedom and independence no matter where we come from and id like to be a part of that

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