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Tendai Isaac Marowa from Zimbabwe message

Tendai Isaac Marowa from Zimbabwe message
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CAR FROM JAPAN is what I call manna from heaven. Zimbabwe is one of the many developing countries that needs service such as your cheap, excellent and best cars.

Why I should be one of your winners, its simple as much as you have delivered vehicles to many, mine will be a living testimony in my community and a dream come true.

My country is known to be one of the best importer of Japanize vehicle and as up to date we have thousands if not millions of Japanese vehicle and companies like CAR FROM JAPAN have made it possible for us ordinary Zimbabweans not only to be drivers but proud owners of vehicles. All thanks to your company, now our dreams have surely come true.

In a country that was full of bicycles and scotch carts, CAR FROM JAPAN has brought light into my nation and all was made possible by your company.

For that I salute you and I thank you.

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