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Tekabara Raurenti from Kiribati message

Tekabara Raurenti from Kiribati message
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I realize in nowadays how important to have your own transport in the family for maintaining good relationship within the family and a good record in your job. Speaking of experience we really had a good time with my family when I was once had a vehicle in the last five years. I always took my wife and kids to where they needed to go to please them and to show them how much I really cared for them as what a real father normally did. I never missed any important activity at which my kids would take part. Thus my kids really appreciated and motivated at the same time.
At work my boss really liked me as I was always punctual and committed to my work. Any tasks assigned to it would always be successfully on schedule. I never missed meetings or other important appointment.
Somehow everything changed when my car accidently collided with another vehicle driven by a drunken guy. I needed to report but I knew that he may loose his job or cause trouble in his family and so I decided not to.
Since that time I realized that my family also missed something which they had once in their lives, and thus I have always dreamt of getting or purchasing a new car again. This is my dream which I have for almost five now but it never comes true due to other family commitment.
Apart from that my commitment to work also affected because there were few times I came late to work. Definitely it is not how committed I was when I had a car. Even my tasks were on schedule but still there were also times that I would submit it late.
Anyway picking me up as the winner will be a great honour for me and my family as my dream will finally come true.
How I think about Car From Japan? Since my country Kiribati mostly imports cars from Japan, I think Car From Japan would appreciate the fact that it’s products are always worth both for the people in Kiribati as a whole and the company itself. In addition, the product is seen to be commercialized but in reality it has great contribution towards the good run of the government and helpful to the people in particular ways. This may be a competition however it is a good way of promoting Car From Japan products bywhich it can measure how the customers really feel of getting a car at home. Some customers may have lots of money while the others so not but in this way it allows everyone to give a try to be able to make his or her dream comes true.
On the other people living in a country like Kiribati always willing to buy used cars instead of brand new ones as the economy is not like in developed countries like Japan. Thus people look this competition as a great opportunity for them.
As mentioned previously Car From Japan competition is a good time for people to share among themselves different views why they need a car, and I hope that everyone ideas counts and would be taken into a good consideration by the Company for future reference.
I would like to thank Car From Japan for this wonderful competition which enables all of the people around the world to attend. I wish everyone the best of luck and hope to provide a positive feedbacks in regard to Car From Japan competition.
Unfortunately, I may not have a thousand words but I do hope that I have expressed everything trying to answer the two questions. It may be short on the hand but the content has clearly shown why I am participating in this competition just like other people around the world.
Again thank you for taking my writing into consideration and I am looking forward to hearing from how much I achieve out of this.

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