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Tebweretaake Tokantetaake from Kiribati message

Tebweretaake Tokantetaake from Kiribati message
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Car from Japan is a top Product in the world. We understand that, Japan is one of the small country in the Asian region, however, the way they developed is beyond their limit and very developed and modern world from their creative, hard working and especially very clever and smart. I could say this because I already been in Japan in 2008 and I spent 9 months there.

I do have a friend from one of the Toyota Company and he and his family invite me for a lunch. I always say to him and his wife, HOW CAN I GET A CAR FROM JAPAN AND I HAVE NO MONEY. So this is a good chance for me to join the competition.
I do like Japanese product such as car, because most of their products are real and permanent compared with others like Chinese stuff that easy to break. So Japanese used car are long term used, hard to break and comfortable to use.

Japanese used car is the best and I wish to have one while I have a chance to live in this life. I prefer Japanese car because is comfort, automatic, have map, and especially its more comfort than inside the house. Serving people by producing Cars are bringing easier mobile by customer to move from one place to another within a country.

Those who have cars from Japanese products are lucky because whatever plans they willing to do in a particular days under different circumstances, they are always fulfill because of using transport from Japanese Products.

I am really appreciate and impress of what Japanese work hard for, as not only or concerning to a citizens, but as international level. It means that, Japanese people need to develop after world war two, not only for their nation but also to consider other Country problem.

I wish all the best to the Car Products in Japan, and hope to get more interesting design on a car products. Who knows may be next generation who will continue to do do this will bring more new innovations to a best. Year by Year is always different and the context or situation can change too, I am waiting and always listen and ready to watch what the Japanese will bring more in the near future.

Joining this program is not only for receiving award from you good company, but also to announce and promote to the world that Japanese product is the best, long term used, and safe money.

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