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Tanaka from Zimbabwe message

Tanaka from Zimbabwe message
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I appreciate your dedication and service, and I know others do too. The difference you make is nothing short of legendary. I can’t imagine Africa and the world at large without you. I only know it would be a much different, much less comforting place. If the world had more people like you it would be a better place. No words can really completely capture the joyous feelings in my heart when I think of how Car From Japan has benefited so many thousands of people these past years. You do make a difference. Your prices are lower than some competitors. When we deal in significant quantities, even a small price break can mean large savings. Your wide stock of vehicles certainly distinguishes you from the rest of your competitors. Your business has helped Africa a lot, especially my country Zimbabwe, since the resale value of your vehicles is relatively high. Cars form Car From Japan do not seem to depreciate as fast as American or European manufactured cars. Therefore, people that purchase your cars here in Africa, especially in my country Zimbabwe, when they are new, often enjoy much better trade-in values. In addition, they can normally demand a higher asking price for their used vehicle when trying to sell it. Your vehicles are fuel efficient and one can save even after buying a car at a very low cost.

I know how challenging it is just running an organization like yours, so I would like to appreciate your professionalism and dedication, excellent and cost effective service towards your customers. I would like to request you to continue to offer your incredible service and good work in future also. Here in Zimbabwe, your cars are the best companion of people in the long run and that has changed the country’s standing in so many areas.

I have many friends on social media, so I will use my car to market you in my country

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