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Tabby Njau from Kenya message

Tabby Njau from Kenya message
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Thanx alot for accepting my reguest,iam gland.I pray for the best.Thanx also for that chance you have given to us,to try our luck.Surely you are the best.God bless you.Hoping for the best.

Hai car from japan?Hope you are all well.I just want appreciate your
good work that you are doing.You keep on updating and reminding me about this lucky time each an every time.
As the days keeps on going i pray that i will be the lucky person.This is because iam the only female from Kenya trying to compete with alot of male.Please consider me and i will be very gland.
Having considered me as a winner this iam very sure it will give alot of convidence to female that they are being recorgonized and that they can.I know know i can and since i can i will.I know this is my time to drive.I did a driving course August 2014,but since then i have not used the driving licence because i dont have a car.Seriously i love driving,and i admire and salute the women who drive.To some point i ask my self what do they have that i dont have inorder to do what they are doing. I answer my self and say i have no money but iam sure one day i have to drive.This is my time.Blessed day.

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