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syed haroon bin mazhar from Pakistan message

syed haroon bin mazhar from Pakistan message
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I would like to must win from CAR FROM JAPAN because I’m job less I would like to start my own pick & drop self employed work. I have not enough money to buy a used or brand new Japanese car, I believe that I can’t drive car my whole life due to there high prices.

I lived in Pakistan there is 94% cars on roads are made in JAPAN based. I like Japanese cars because of their durability, design, fuel efficiency, repairing parts availability, new technology use in car, and right hand drive. One last biggest feature is car size that fit for drive on every kind of road. But price are very high due to high demand of Japanese car in Pakistan.

I’m very happy from CAR FROM JAPAN at last someone giving a car without restriction about country. My best wishes with all who enter in this competition.Your website is great designed and work flawless, very quick result shown. My best regards, best wishes and unlimited thanks to CAR FROM JAPAN 😀

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