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Susana Greenfield from Australia message

Susana Greenfield from Australia message
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Thank you for creating this give away car competition, Ms. Lan Phan. I just discovered your website:, a couple of days ago. I was thinking that a car imported from Japan would suit a driver’s need both for comfort, safety, and a vehicle to work- to earn a uving. I just thought to Google, and find a direct car importer from Japan, that charged an average, reasonable car price because, most of the time, we got to work early to find a parking spot. I needed a car imported from Japan with a special tinted windows especially at the back of the car where people could not see me from the outside, but I coud see them from the inside. With my nursing job at night, I needed to sleep with no worries-with a lot of privacy. Therefore, it is worth having a “Car From Japan”, to drive our life comfortably, and effectively especially, we all knew their car is quite reliable, with a prestge, presentable modern look -at an affordable price. With All My Best Wishes, Susana Greenfield

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