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Susan W. Ngige from Kenya message

Susan W. Ngige from Kenya message
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When my son was 4yrs old he looked up to me with his innocent face and said “mum, when I grow up there are two things that a’ll do for u” and i was like what? “I will buy you a car n am the one who will travel to Japan to bring it for you and al also build u a big house, and i won’t build it in ushago(upcountry) bt in big twn” this really touched me cz it ave bn his dream since then,, bt it’s unfortunate that he passed away on 7th Sept this yr,, the same day he was turning 13yrs n i believe he didn’t die with his dreams, coz winning a car from Japan will fulfill one of his wishes and i believe he is looking down on me and his wish will one day come to pass,, it’s sad coz he won’t be travelling to Japan to get it for me,, but am sure i atleast deserve this gift from Japanese used cars and my son..coz ma son really believed in cars from Japan ever since he was young and it’s all because i always told him that’s the only place you can get good cars and good bargains,, I just wish he lived to accomplish all that he wanted to accomplish coz i would have been such a proud mum,, though am still proud of him with what he accomplished for the thirteen yrs that God gave him to me,, Japan cars are the best,, that am sure of and no one can beat you, not now not ever.
Suezie ngige

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