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Stephen Gakau Njuguna from Kenya message

Stephen Gakau Njuguna from Kenya message
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Hello, i am a hardworking young man, 27 years old. I am a nursing officer and nurse-counsellor. I touch and save lives. I work in a surgery deparment. It is my dream and duty to succeed. To make impact on someone’s life. That is why i love my job. I save lives of others dads, mums, sisters, brothers, wifes, children, friends and relatives. Sometimes, i am on call duty. We all know that saving a life needs to be done as soon and fast as possible. This has been my number one reason to own a car and i hope someday i will.
About CARS FROM JAPAN. I have heard and seen you trend on social media. I therefore believe you are the best helper to anyone wanting to own a car. For my level, everytime i read your educational posts on cars especially your comparisons between manual and auto cars, well. You are the best. I hope to win my 1st car with you which will open ways for me to start shipping with you.

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