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Stanley Ramosui Baeta from Solomon Islands message

Stanley Ramosui Baeta from Solomon Islands message
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In Solomon Islands, we always regard products from Japan as strong, original and durable in comparison with products made from other countries, cos we have tested and prove them to be lasting longer, reliable and suited to our environment. I have chosen Toyota corolla as my choice in this promotion because it is the car that is small in size but as far as I observed and as far as local mechanics are concerned, that is a car that is fit for our environment, can last longer and spare parts are readily available.

currently, in the Solomons any one can order a car from Japan just depending on money and choice. almost every cars roaming the streets of Honiara our capital city is carrying a sticker with any Japanese website like WWW.AUTOREC.COM or just to name few. It implies how we prefer to order cars from japan more than any country else.
I wish to also order any car from Japan at any time depending on my budget and I prefer a corolla van as I indicated.
Finally thank you Japan for the quality of your products and making the car market more accessible to us in Solomon Islands.

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