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Stanley Ommen from Suriname message

Stanley Ommen from Suriname message
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Good evening Mrs.Lan Phan, this my third time in Car From Japan Giveaway car’s promotion, but I never won anything except the likes and comments that we have been sharing the the three last years, since Mr.Khan Zain.I hope to win this time and it not ? Congratulations than to those lucky ones, but at least we again promoted the Japanese used cars industries.
Since last December I wanted to by a my third car from Japan, the 1st was Toyota Cresta 1995, my 2nd is a Nissan Teana 2004, but since the economy got devaluated by USDollar, we are waiting to again by Japanese used cars because of their smooth running engines, architected build body’s, and very easy to clean and repair motors, very cheap but strong cars, your neigbours, your friends, your families and relatives will be very jealous when they noticed that you are the one that won the Car From Japan Giveaway -Summer 2016, Congratulations to all winners, greetings to the Car From Japan and Crew.

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