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Stanley Ommen from Suriname message

Stanley Ommen from Suriname message
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Since 1982 we have been using cars from Japan, here in Suriname, these days there are more used Japanese cars on the streets than ever before, because of their affordable prices, easy-looking-after-buying machines, smooth runnings gears and most of all, the architected build car bodies, like these cars were hand maded, you see reasons enough to choose me als a valid winner, because when it comes to promotions for cars and the technical informations, i know and my own private car since 2007 is Nissan Teana 230, and there for, also from Toyota Cresta 1995 28, in case you haven’t notice…..primair in South-America and the Middle East, the only car that was build for all terrian especially in those war zone….Toyota Prado….build in Japan, Car From Japan, Japanese used cars, greetings and have a great evening, succes to all applicants

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