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songe mwale from Malawi message

songe mwale from Malawi message
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Car From Japan thanks for the competition to win a car from Car From Japan. you are the world’s leading used car sellers so far. you offer the best tips on purchase of any car (used and New) which lacks in most of car seller in the world. i promise you to promote your website to other potential customers here in Malawi and probablly to others on social network. if am chosen as a winner i would accept the chance to work as your Brand ambassador to promote your business. i would help CAR FROM JAPAN win more customers locally (in Malawi) and help create Brand awareness so that you have more customer and probably open Local Sales agents in the Country so that more and more customers would be able to have access to your marketing messages and get better services. Alot of people in our country would want to purchase Cars but they do not have access to internet since they are illiterate when it comes to using the internet to purchase a car therefore if local branches would be opened in order to help such customers it will really help CAR FROM JAPAN increase its market share. JAPANESE USED CAR has a market advantage to attract more customers since it offers tips on car mantainance, Purchase of a second hand cars, Brand history and tips on how each body type of the vehicles can be usefull for a particular purpose. I would also help CAR FROM JAPAN in promoting its business to more local people who doesnt understand English as a language for communicating. If Japanese Used Car would have people who could write their Marketing messages in Languages that are spoken in Target Market for example in Malawi more people understand chichewa Language as a National language, in Tanzania its Swahili Language, in mozambique its portuguse language, that will help customers understand your messages. i wish Japanese used car all the best in your quest to have more customers

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