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smart sibanda from Zimbabwe message

smart sibanda from Zimbabwe message
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this is a lucky game , anyone of the participants has a chance of winning , so i feel i stand a chance to win a car by virtue of being a participant. if you happen to pick my name for a winner , i promise not to keep the joy of winning just to myself and will surely share with people around you. I will spread word of kindness and generosity from your esteemed organisation. By showcasing my won car , i will act like your brand ambassador in the community i live . That will entice more people to join the promotion and be part of the large car from Japan co. ltd family. If by chance you happen to choose me for a winner , i will talk more about your products and the kind of customer care and the services you render. I will try by all means to fight the local market to take your products as the most preferred . Those from competitors will find the market hard to penetrate, there by reducing their appeal and sales volumes. From the number of free car promotions from your organization , i can see a strong and stable , well and professional run institution. Your production and marketing team must be spending sleepless nights making sure you produce , market and sell a high quality product. I believe you are doing a lot of in-house training and refresher courses to equip your staff with new and modern skills in an unpredictable and ever changing business environment.If you are not innovative , your production methods will become obsolete and out of fashion , hence loss of market. Im convinced car from Japan co . Ltd has invested a lot of money into research and product development to keep person with modern world trends in other parts of the globe. Staff motivation is key for a state of the art product , this makes me believe you have invested extensive in your human resource capital.

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