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Sifakubi Masuku from Tanzania message

Sifakubi Masuku from Tanzania message
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Thank you very much Car From Japan for giving us this rare opportunity to win through your excellent social responsibility programme to the world.

Having successfully submitted my application as did the rest, I can only wish for so much. Each one of us wishes and hopes to be the ultimate winner (1st or 2nd prizes), all that made possible by Car From Japan, a quality driven Japanese used car exporter to the world.

I have been following Car From Japan since its inception in 2014 up to date, in those years of my fellowship, I came to realize that Car From Japan is amongst a select few Japanese used car exporters with a huge quality stock at any given point in time at an affordable price. With such a huge quality stock of Japanese used cars, it can be said that Car From Japan can cater for everyone globally at any given price point with some cars at times going for as little as $1 FOB. There’s always a quality used Japanese car for everyone at Car From Japan to meet even the tightest budget around.

I have a dream to start my own Southern African tour company a dream that I have been carrying from the very first Car From Japan car give away campaign up to date and hopefully this time around shall be realized. In that dream, I have plans to market and advertise Car From Japan effectively to the global community via my network and interaction with international tourists as I provide a service to them.

I might not close off the competition as the top participant and the number of people applying through my link might not be the highest, however my ability to connect with people from around the world from different countries can be observed from those who successfully applied through my link as a clear testimony of my effective marketing and interactive skills at play, something I promise to continuously do once my business plan takes off.

If I happen to be one of the ultimate grand prize winners (1st or 2nd prize), I will choose a car with at least 8 seating capacity and start a regional tour service company covering mostly Southern African countries namely South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. If successful in my business, which is most likely certain due to my extensive knowledge and experience of the region, I will return to Car From Japan to expand my business fleet as a reciprocal gesture to say thank you Car From Japan for having empowered me.

With a car at my disposal, I will be able to extensively market Car From Japan to local, regional and international community since I will be in contact with a diverse group from around the world in my daily operations who frequently visit tourist attractions such as Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, a popular travel destination with a huge exposure to the international community and the Kruger National Park in South Africa, home to the big five as well as a diverse wild life as its magnet to attract tourists from every corner of the world. In servicing those places, I will be taking along with me Car From Japan to the communities as a faithful and loyal brand ambassador thereby boosting traffic flow and exposure of Car From Japan as I service my customers.

My marketing efforts will extend beyond the parameters of this current competition. Winning a car from Car From Japan will be the beginning of a long term mutually beneficial partnership that will carry through as my business takes off. Winning a car will be an investment that will yield positive results towards Car From Japan.

I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best. Thank you once again Car From Japan for giving us this rare opportunity to win cars and monetary vouchers.

Your organization is truly amazing, touching lives in a positive way. Your dedicated and highly efficient staff adds to the value of your exceptional service to the world.

Thank you Car From Japan, keep up the good work of providing mobility to the world and at the same time contributing positively towards the well-being of our Mother Nature through putting to good use cars which bring about mobility to many who can’t afford to buy a brand new car. Your organization is exceptional in every regard.

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