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Sharlyn Tsiruma Shimanyula from Kenya message

Sharlyn Tsiruma Shimanyula from Kenya message
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I look forward to been picked as a winner because first and foremost, I really need a car. I have been commuting by using taxis, hiring cars, borrowing my siblings car, and using public buses when I have no choice to go about my business and to functions as well. It has been very expensive for me and also and very inconveniencing. I therefore need to win and own my own car.
I know that cars made in Japan are of high quality and made with the highest forms of technology trends. It would be a great opportunity for me to win as I have always admired the car brands sold by Japan just to name a few; Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Subaru, Suzuki, additionally I am aware that Japan assembles parts of luxurious cars too and in my country Kenya, most cars driven here are imported from Japan. There is a famous slogan here in Kenya too, ‘behind every car is a Toyota’! I can attest that this is actually true, Toyota cars are very dominant in my country and I want to join the team that has imported cars from Japan with my car too.
Furthermore, Japanese used cars do not even look used! After visiting quite a number of showrooms and car dealers here in Kenya, I could barely tell the difference between the new cars and used cars from Japan. The maintenance standards are exceptional and without a doubt deserve appraisal.
I also recommend Japanese cars for Kenyan roads. Cars made in Japan are strong and suitable for our roads too. I travel to my village frequently to do community work for widows and the roads there need strong and high cars because it is mostly slippery, muddy and in very remote areas that cant be reached just by any ordinary car or even walking. I need this car to do my community work.
Allow me to talk about comfort and luxury altogether. Japanese made cars are very comfortable yet classy and stylish. Purchasing a car that has these three traits is advisable as no one would want to drive in discomfort. The interior design of the cars match with the fine body that is assembled in Japan. Furthermore, there are variety of shapes, sizes and specifications of Japanese cars that provide preference to the buyer which makes Japanese cars dominate the automobile market as well.
Finally, the Car from Japan website is also concise and clear. How would I have known about winning this car anyway? It is very easy to maneuver and it provides all the necessary information required especially those that are needed for the importation and shipment of vehicles into my country. The provided pictures of the cars on sale are clear and very easy to choose from. Your website is also known and used by very many people here to get information about Japanese used car. It is the first website that comes to mind when inquiring about cars as it is a trusted website.
I look forward to win my car and will be very ecstatic to be the winner in this competition. It will be a dream come true, a life transforming privilege for me, my country, a marketing strategy for your sponsors and your brand and my winning will also convince others that actually, they could be winners too with Car from Japan!

Sharlyn Tsiruma Shimanyula

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