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Shameera Banu from Sri Lanka message

Shameera Banu from Sri Lanka message
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Car From Japan is a very nice site. I already participated competitions before here. Your cars and prices are awesome. Even used. That’s why I thought to participate for this competition again and again every year.
In Sri Lanka we use most Japanese used cars. Most cars made from Japan.
My dream is want to buy a car. But I don’t have much money for buy a car. So I want to win this competition. If you select me as a winner I will be most happy and thankful to you. I really would like to win this car. I tried my best for share and invite. I invited all my friends around the world. Also I shared my links everywhere in social sites. So I got points for win. I’m still trying to win. This is a challenge!

Lots of peoples participated for this competition and trying to win. I wish to all. But I hope I will be a winner. Because this is third time I’m participating for Car From Japan competition. If I win this car it will make my life more better. …. This will change my life.
I will be a winner. Because I have trust on my hard work. I worked very hard since last 3 months. I spent more times for share this competition with everyone. I did that well. So I’m happy.

Now my only hope is want to win the first place. This is my whole day hope. I’m very eagerly waiting for the result. Hope to win.

Thanks for your services. We always need your services. Car From Japan is a best site and always trustful! Waiting for the result.

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