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Sergey Popov from Ukraine message

Sergey Popov from Ukraine message
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Hi there, Lan Phan and the whole team CAR FROM JAPAN!
I really like your site CAR FROM JAPAN because it offers a wide range of cars is very good quality!
Unfortunately, in my country, Ukraine, is not always possible to buy a good car at an affordable price as a result of not very rich people, you can buy Japanese used car excellence! In addition, Ukrainian soldiers who protect our country from Russian aggression, do not always have enough money to buy off-road vehicles, which can be converted for military purposes, some volunteers buy from you SUV used for these purposes.
Thank you very much, you’re doing a very good job!
I hope that in the future will continue to do this, because you have a very good work.
If I win, you win a car I will give the Ukrainian armed forces so that they can be even more powerful and not constrained in moving to repel Russian aggression.
Thanks! ありがとうございます!

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