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Semwogerere eric from Quatar message

Semwogerere eric from Quatar message
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Dear all,
I am writing to you to be informed that I deserve to be the winner. My interest in cars from japan began at a young age and I have been researching on vehicles since I was fifteen years old. After finishing high school, I attended to a Technical workshop that dealt Auto Body and Repair.
I have extensive knowledge of some automobile mechanic systems, including transmissions, engines, carburetors, exhaust systems and cooling systems. I learnt how to use diagnostic machines and read codes for troubleshooting problems. Even when am not the winner, I will buy my first new car from japan. It the dream I carry every day. Gods please lead me and bless the winner.
I would like to let everyone know and believe I’ll be a great choice for winning the car, because I know what it means a car from japan. However I would like to advise everyone who wishes buy a car, please seek help from;
(Manulife Place Shibuya Building – 7F
Shibuya 2-16-5, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 150-0002
+81 3 4540 6692
+81 3 6735 4633
Eric semwogerere.

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