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SEKAJJA PETER from Uganda message

SEKAJJA PETER from Uganda message
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i am peter, Uganda. i am an electrician by profession because my mother did not have enough money to take me to better schools.
life is had as an electrician here in Uganda as pay is less which means my kid s also wont have better edge in life
when I saw this advert on your website ,it was like god had answered my prayers for the death of my father when young and at least for someone to have mercy and help to raise my standards of life and those of my kids.
They are many like me in Uganda LIKE ME BUT this must be my chance for gods sake.
i need this commuter to start my own business and stop working for pea nuts and may be give my children a better life, education and preferable future than the one I currently have.
In Uganda mostly the cars you see are Toyota. In general from an early age I KNEW OF ONE COUNTRY WHICH MAKES CARS AND THAT WAS JAPAN, the rest I have known later only I did not know the companies which export those cars to Uganda. I think CAR FROM JAPAN is doing great job to provide with us means of transport affordable to most of people who would otherwise be left out in that OLD AGE era.
Japanese used cars are good condition, reliable and easy to maintain. Also those cars are like they are made for Africa. They can actually work for up to scraping , they are really durable.
Lastly I really hope I win this car I need it most.
Thank you.

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