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Samuel Prince Symon from Malawi message

Samuel Prince Symon from Malawi message
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Dear Man (Car From Japan)
Am so honoured to share this link on Facebook from a friend’s page, I have been hearing more about you, but was discouraged with these fake websites crooks are creating dairy
Was wanting to buy a car last July but wasn’t sure whether I will be dealing with right people.
Now that I have u in my heart am sure my future transaction to purchase a car will be smooth.
Am so pleased with the way you are conducting this promotion, you are open to everyone disregard of where they are coming from, Bravo Car From Japan.
I should point it out here that am overwhelmed with this and can’t wait to be your ambassador here in Malawi.
Malawians prefer Cars from Japan because there design fit Malawian roads,
Bravo Car From Japan once again
Once I win this promotion, I will not only cerebrate winning the car, rather I will make sure that other people who are not aware of Car From Japan should know, tell them the goodies of dealing with the right dealers (you) and the benefits they can get if they purchase a car from you.
I will introduce as many friends as I can to you you to enjoy the competitive rates you always offer.
Many people still use middle men but I will tell them the benefits of dealing with u direct.
I will fly high the Car From Japan Flag as an ambassador from all corners of Malawi.
Kind Regards

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